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Preparing Expository Sermons Tamil Translation

2021-03-06T13:23:29+00:00March 8, 2021|

Dear Praying Friend, Praise God for a new translation of Dr. Richard’s book Preparing Expository Sermons into the Tamil language. Last week, the Salt and Light Bible College affiliated with the Asia Theological Association held a dedication ceremony at which Dr. Richard spoke. Pray that God would use the Tamil translation for the training of [...]

Dr. Richard’s writing projects

2021-01-29T16:48:20+00:00February 17, 2021|

In addition to writing a book about the uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ, Dr. Richard has been compiling thoughts for several new devotional/journal notebooks, one for believers, one for pre-Christ individuals and one based on the Psalms.

GodLife interview today

2021-01-18T19:34:11+00:00January 27, 2021|

Dear Praying Friend, “What if you hold to many ways of salvation?” Dr. Richard will discuss that question in a Facebook Live interview today with GodLife, a ministry of Global Media Outreach (GMO). The discussion will be based on “The Rock … & Pluralism,” a short devotional of Dr. Richard (read it here.)

LEADERREACH academy launch

2021-01-18T19:33:40+00:00January 20, 2021|

Dear Praying Friend, Everyone is called for a purpose and gifted to fulfill that purpose. Many of us, however, do not feel equipped to lead in some areas. Dr. Richard’s Intentional Life Trilogy: Soul Passion, Soul Mission, Soul Vision helps individuals bridge that gap. Using this influential trilogy (required in his Dallas Seminary course), RREACH is launching LEADERREACH academy, an online series that equips God’s people to serve as spiritual leaders in their spheres of influence, e.g. home, work, church, friendships.

Dallas Seminary Chapel today

2021-01-18T19:29:11+00:00January 14, 2021|

Dear Praying Friend, Dr. Richard is scheduled to speak in this morning’s Dallas Seminary chapel service. Praise God for another opportunity to encourage the Seminary community and viewers all over the world through His Word!

New Year’s Encouragement from Ramesh Richard

2021-01-18T19:31:46+00:00January 1, 2021|

Dear Praying Friend, The God of 2021 is the One who carried us in 2020! I hope you'll benefit from my habits about prayer and living. I invite you to join me at PRAYERREACH each Sunday, 8:30 p.m. US Central (Standard) Time. Let's approach the throne of grace—boldly—together. Email to receive details about how to join the call. 

January Prayer Calendar

2021-01-18T19:32:31+00:00December 31, 2020|

Dear Praying Friend, Please click the image to download and print our monthly prayer calendar. Thank you for praying for Dr. Ramesh Richard and RREACH!

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