We count money. We count years. At night some of us even count sheep. In this new series of devotionals, Dr. Richard invites us to count counter-intuitively. Watch Joy Counter for your spiritual welling and ministry overflowing.

Joy-Fy Life (Ep. 04) JOYFY | WELLING

2022-09-19T15:33:19+00:00September 16, 2022|

Welcome to Welling-- For Your Spiritual Wellbeing and Your Ministry Overflowing. Someone said, it is OK if you don't know what "prefix" means. It's not the end of the word. Now a suffix is a kind of an affix which is not a prefix, and it is found at the end of the word. [...]

Nothing But… (Ep. 03) JOYFY | WELLING

2022-09-26T04:45:24+00:00September 5, 2022|

Welcome to Welling, for your spiritual well-being and your ministry overflowing. Nothing Bundt Cakes-- you probably heard of a company which sounds like it, and I can't advertise it, but we buy our birthday little cupcakes for staff when we celebrate from this place called Nothing Bundt Cakes. It's very close to us, and [...]

Do You Have Counter Space? (Ep. 02) JOYFY | WELLING

2022-09-27T05:26:32+00:00August 16, 2022|

Welcome to Welling for Your Spiritual Well-Being and Your Ministry Overflowing. Joyfy: Optimizing Trials is the name of our series. The word counter-- you know, we talk about check-in counters, and check-out counters, and cashier's booths, and worktop benches, a physical point-- even larger stands and stalls at airports and events. We come to [...]

The Pursuit of [Un]Happiness (Ep. 01) JOYFY | WELLING

2022-09-26T04:37:59+00:00August 16, 2022|

Go To Discussion Welcome to Welling, for your spiritual well-being and your ministry over-flowing. This series is, “Joyfy.” Joy counter, not a happiness counter-- the search for happiness may well be the ultimate purpose of life, "the whole aim and end of human existence," said Aristotle, the fountainhead of Western philosophy. On the eastern [...]

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