I, I, I, I

I, I, I, I

Based on reflections from his personal Bible study of Galatians 2:20, Dr. Ramesh Richard explores the foundational elements of having a relationship with God. 

I, I, I, I: (Ep. 2) A New Normal? | WELLING

2022-01-13T06:07:34+00:00January 13, 2022|

Welcome to Welling: For Your Spiritual Well-being and Your Ministry Overflowing. Everybody is talking about the new normal, especially post-corona. Unfortunately, the new normal looks like the old normal, both of which are subnormal. But the phrase "the new normal" has been rather popular, whether in business or in society, where after a [...]

I, I, I, I: (Ep. 1) I, I, I, I Introduction | WELLING

2022-01-13T06:04:59+00:00January 13, 2022|

Welcome to Welling: for your spiritual well-being and your ministry overflowing. Ay, ay, ay. You probably heard that three-fold I to express some sort of dismay. It's probably borrowed from Spanish, it's found in Chinese, we have the Yiddish version of oy, oy, oy, or even in my own language, we have a [...]

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